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Shattered Dreams

When you drive through the countryside, through the small towns and villages are often confronted by symbols of failure...houses stand derelict, vehicles lie rusting in the sun, crumbling factories, boarded up shops and you wonder...what happened here?

Sometimes your imagination wanders and you see happy laughing children on the stoep, men in hats working the land, shopkeepers sharing a joke with theirs customers and images of how it once must have been flood your mind.

Shattered Dreams is an imaginary journey onto what might have happened. A journey to discover and photograph the shattered dreams and hope of those who have abandoned a dream and left it behind...and to tell a story of their passing. Some might view the photograph and choose to imagine their own story. Some might question the validity of the written stories. 

Others might experience a moment of regret for what might have been, but SHATTERED DREAMS does what all books are supposed to do...
Set Your Imagination Free!!!

Set your imagination free with a copy now...


Author Details

Jann Bader